Human Cultures in Marsae

During the time of the Seven Men (Șapte Bărbaţi) the Republic of Marsae was split into seven major human cultures. These groups of people were both culturally and genetically distinguished from one another and included the Spiriduş, the Nueri, Isteţs, Omului

The Spiriduş


Spiridates is a region of dense forest, riddled with water bodies in the mid-eastern side of Marsae. This area is known to be home to many exotic species of both flora and fauna. Spiridates is able to sustain some of the largest trees and fungi in Marsae due to the readily available water. This region is home to primarily small clusters of human inhabitants with larger towns being uncommon due to the lack of ease of cultivation of the land. The people of this forest region are known as the Spiriduş, and they make trade with wood crafting and the selling of produce and goods only accessible from this forest.

The Spiriduş have developed as a lighter and more nimble group of humans through theirs needs of small game hunting, tree climbing and such. They understand the fragility of their home and are defiantly reluctant to allow others to take the resources it offers. In the winters the Spiriduş typically head deep into the forests for protection from the cold as they do not fare well in it.

The Nueri


The Neuri region on Marsae is primarily dominated by large, snow covered mountains. The populace live in small, independent villages, paying levies and taxes to the knightly orders that protect them. Many villages are mining sites, for the mountains are rich in ore. Merchants frequently travel to the scattered larger cities to purchase these raw materials for sale all over Marsae.

Living in the mountain climes makes the Neuri people hardy, strong and tall to best survive in their environment. It also gives them a far greater appreciation of the mountains and stones around them.



To many, the people of the Istet region just seem to be lucky. Many others, however, consider it to be a result of the cunning and intellect of the people. Over the years the good fortune of the society and indeed individuals has led to the phrase “an Isteţians luck” meaning good luck.

Whilst the region has suffered it’s share of calamities throughout the years, each disaster has ultimately served to strengthen the Istet people. Istet is the most populated region in Marsae, and boasts the Republic’s capital city Haenstraam. It is an intensely cosmopolitan region with a population that is used to and accepting of the curious and bizarre. Many Istetian’s are traders and merchants, and their caravans are a common sight across the length and breadth of Marsae.



only human based. Viktors people

One of the most reknown factions of the Omului, is the Dacian Order. This is an honor bound group with a long histroy in the keeping of the peace in Marsae.


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